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Family Time


Parents, you are the number one influence in your child's life. What you say and do day after day makes a key difference in your child's faith development and understanding of God. That's why we want to help you weave faith into your time together as a family! Check back here for our favourite resource finds, plus resources we create, to help you craft a regular or one-off family time with God at the centre.

It Starts at Home | Family Night Activities                                                                 

These Family Night activity ideas from 'It Starts at Home' are both fun and faith-filled. Use these activities as they are, or as prompts to get your creative juices flowing, to plan a family night that will develop your relationships with one another and start an intentional and meaningful conversation about faith and God that has relevance in your everyday lives!

The best part: You'll probably have everything you need around the house already.
Our current fave: 'Upstairs/Downstairs'

Jelly Telly

Jelly Telly understands that life is busy and even a parent with the best of intentions often doesn't have time to craft their own family devotional experience. That's why they've created it for you!

Fun, family friendly media clips prompt conversation, ask helpful questions and provide activity ideas. Why not pull out the iPad and give it a try today?!




Parent Cue                                                                  

The Parent Cue App helps you as a parent do something each week to help move your child towards a deeper faith and a better future.

The app gives weekly cues, relevant to the age of your child, to help you make the most of the limited time you have with your kid before they graduate high school; cues to make small deposits into their life at certain times of the day, for example meal time, drive time, and bed time. Download the free Parent Cue app from the App Store or Google Play.