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About Us

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Our Vision

We believe that all children in The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa deserve to be both seen and heard.

Children have full capacity to receive and communicate the love, mercy and grace of God. It is our privilege to encourage them to voice their experience of the divine in their own unique ways.

Read more about Seen and Heard  here.

Our Work

We work to equip our corps and centres across the territory to create opportunities for children to wonder at God and His creation, and to testify of His presence in their lives. You can find more information about training opportunities here.

Additionally, we produce Family Time resources to help parents and caregivers explore faith with their children in their homes. You can check out those resources here.

Our Team

Our Children's Ministries team is spread out over islands and oceans but we’re all here for one reason: kids! Some of us hang out at The Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters in Wellington, and the rest of our awesome crew are situated in each of the Divisional/Regional Headquarters’ within New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa.

The Salvation Army in NZ, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa is made up of five divisions and two regions. In New Zealand, we have Northern Division (upper North Island), Midland Division (middle North Island), Central Division (lower North Island), and Southern Division (South Island). Fiji Division includes all the islands of Fiji, the Tonga Region is all of Tonga, and the Samoa Region covers all of Samoa.


Territorial Children's Mission Department

Debbie Clark
Territorial Children’s Mission Secretary

Noah Spargo
Resource Design and Project Resource Assistant

Hannah Medland
Resource Assistant


Fiji Division

Varea Rika
Divisional Youth & Children’s Secretary


Tonga Region

Sesilina Palu
Regional Children’s Worker


Samoa Region

Currently overseen by Samoa Regional team

Northern Division (upper North Island)

Sue Ellis 
Divisional Children’s Mission Director


Midland Division (middle North Island)

Missy Ditchburn 
Divisional Children’s Secretary


Central Division (lower North Island)

Jeannine Serevi
Divisional Children & Youth Secretary

Brent Christoffersen
Divisional Children's Mission Director


Southern Division (South Island)

Peter Lobb
Divisional Children & Youth Mission Coordinator