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In The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa, our children are seen AND heard!
We know children to be more than just cute. We believe kids are the leaders, disciples and decision makers of today.
We believe kids have unique skills and expertise that this army and the world need now.
We believe children hear from and are used by God every day.
We believe that children are full, active members of the body of Christ.
We believe children deserve to be seen AND heard.

We want to hear from YOUR kids! Hannah Medland, the Territorial Children's Mission Director, has invited children to send her a letter, telling her anything they want her to know! We want to hear their thoughts about The Salvation Army, what God has been saying to them, and how they want kids to be represented in The Salvation Army. Hannah has promised to read every single letter she receives, plus kids' thoughts and opinions will be shared at Encounter Congress in Wellington, October 2019. 

Here's how adults can help:

- Show the video invitation from Hannah to the kids in your community - you could share it on your Facebook page, in a gathering/meeting, at a kids' event, in an e-newsletter!

- Print the kids letter template below and distribute copies to kids in your community

- Encourage children to think about what they would like The Salvation Army to know about them - it could be their opinions, their dreams and visions, what God has been doing in their lives, what they love about being in The Salvation Army - whatever they want to take the time to say, we're listening!

- Create space for kids to write and/or draw their letters

- Send their letters to Hannah Medland at PO Box 6015, Marion Square, Wellington 6141 or to her email address

Seen & Heard Kids letter template

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Date: 15 Jul 2019