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      Details on available training for children’s workers.

      Developing leadership skills in all Children’s Ministries workers is super important to us—that’s why it’s one of our goals!        We offer a couple of different training and development opportunities territorially, and we have compiled a list of                    available training opportunities throughout New Zealand (from The Salvation Army and other organisations).





      Our favourite curriculum—including Junior Soldiers, Godly Play, and 252 Basics.

      We’ve put together a one-stop shop for all of our favourite curriculum! Have a read of what each has to offer and to see          which could work best in your setting. 





       Foundations of Children's Work

      Foundations of Children's Work is an entry level training programme for those working in children’s ministries on a                  volunteer or part-time basis. Additionally, the programme may also offer foundational training for unqualified full-time          children’s workers and a development opportunity for volunteer or part-time children’s leaders who want to explore a            career in children’s work.