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‘I still remember…’ Easter 2022

Posted March 25, 2022


“I still remember that Easter weekend. A crisp autumn morning when my eight or nine year old self felt compelled to make a holy response.

A genuine need to stretch out my hands and make something. A symbol. A reminder of that day, that ancient day when He stretched out His hands, a willing sacrifice, for me. Little Hannah is already struck by this and needs to make it visible, important, today. The memory is a little cloudy, and perhaps what I remember more is the photo my sentimental father thought to snap, but it’s there. And it still feels important.


(Little Hannah and her Resurrection Garden)


Looking back now, that wee resurrection garden doesn’t look quite as impressive as I remember. I recall scrounging around our crumbly deck for a little terracotta pot, like the picture in the book of crafts. In lieu of grass seed, grass was ripped from the lawn and laid on top. Little twig crosses carefully assembled with kitchen twine. No adult help required - this is a child, driven by an urge to genuinely respond to a brush with Holy Spirit. And so my adults, my wise adults, make space, sacrifice their lawn and garden flowers, and listen as I proudly describe the process, the purpose, the love I have poured into this little creation. And in that moment they pour love into their little creation. Just like that first Easter, when Love was poured out over His Creation. Me. Us.


And so, twenty-plus years later, little Hannah is still encouraging you to create space, sacrifice lawn, listen, and invite your tamariki to respond. To make a garden. To ponder love, new life and out stretched hands.”


This Lent and Easter season, how can you make time? How can you support families in your ministry to make time? To create a family moment. To discover this Holy story together. To make space for children to respond. Check out our ‘Easter Family Time’ cards and other Easter resources, including instructions for making your own resurrection gardens, and start planning today! Good Friday is only 3 weeks away. Don’t miss it!