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Back to School


Heading back to school is rough! You know this, I know this, and the kids and families in your community DEFINITELY know this! What if there was something small you could do today to help make the transition from holidays back to school sweeter for the children in your community? Well, there is! Because, small = big. Your small actions have big impact in the life of a kid.

Be encouraged to do something small in the coming days to support the children in your community as they return to school. 
We’ve partnered with the NZ Children’s Ministry Network to create a kete of resources to help you do just that!

Backpack Blessing 

Use the resources below to find out what a Backpack Blessing is, download the blessing to pray over your kids, students and teachers, and print cards to attach to the backpack tags you gift to your kids!





Small = Big | Practical Ideas

Top 8: Eight small ways you can give big support and encouragement to the children of your community as they go back to school.
Download these images to share in your corps' Facebook group, insert in a newsletter, or print as a handout!












small = big Video: View and download here 

Share it with your corps members via social media or in your meeting - inspire them to show up in big way for your community's kids!


Backpack Tags 

For Salvation Army Corps' and Centres, only $2 each, with free NZ postage. Ask your corps/centre to email Childrens Mission with your corps’ details and quantity of tags, and we’ll journal your corps/centre and send ‘em your way! Bag tags will be shipped on and from Tuesday 22 Jan 2019.