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Family Time Podcast: Christmas Episodes

Welcome to Family Time, a podcast for your whole family where you can play, wonder and discover together. Each episode we’re joined by special guests who bring songs, stories and answers to kids’ big questions all about faith, God and Christmas! This is Family Time.

We know, this season of Christmas can be chaos, but we don't want your family to miss the opportunity of this season to bring you closer to one another and to Christ! So we've created these podcast episodes for you to listen to together as whānau - may they be a source of entertainment and a conversation starter as you travel, relax or scramble your way through this Christmas season! 

Stream all 3 episodes here or on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, and find the episode descriptions below:

Episode Descriptions

Introducing… Family Time
Come together as a family and join us this December as we journey with the Holy Family, the shepherds, angels, magi and all the rest to Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus. You’ll enjoy singing, wondering and playing together. This is Family Time.

Episode 1: Getting Ready
We all love getting ready for Christmas – from Christmas baking and decorations to singing carols and visiting family! But have you ever wondered why this time of advent, or getting ready, is so important? Let’s find out! This is Family Time.

Episode 2: God With Us
Have you ever made a promise? Join us for this episode as we investigate what the word ‘Immanuel’ means and hear the real-life tale of the best promise ever made and kept! This is Family Time.

Episode 3: The Greatest Gift
In this episode, we discuss something we all love… PRESENTS! Along the way, we’ll find out what frankincense and myrrh are and discover what the absolute greatest Christmas gift is! This is Family Time.