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When can a child be a part of Junior Soldier classes?

  • You may have a variety of children or different ages that would like to participate in Junior Soldiers.
  • The lesson material is targeted at 7–12 year olds and the passports are targeted at 7–14 year olds, however, many children are able to participate outside these guidelines. This may vary for individual children. Younger children attending lessons may need some assistance, e.g. if there are things that need to be read. However, the material has been put together so that it is not reliant on reading and writing.

When do children receive their certificate and award badges?

  • When the Junior Soldier has finished their passport, had it signed off and it has been sent in to the divisional children’s secretary, they will receive their certificate, a letter and their award badge back from the division.
  • Keep in mind the purpose of the passports (to build faith) and don’t rush through passports, but also don’t hold Junior Soldiers back who need to move on.

When can we hold Junior Soldier lessons?

  • The answer is: whenever suits your corps or group. This might be a weekday afternoon or evening, a Sunday morning or afternoon, as a part of the Kids Church programme or even as part of a current Kids Club programme.
  • The Junior Soldier material has been written so that it will develop children as disciples of Jesus. You may like to use the material with all the children in your church and then have some specific time set aside (special occasion or event) for those who are enrolled as Junior Soldiers to go through their passports.
  • The material is a resource for you to be able to use within your programmes however this might work best for you, with the ultimate goal in mind being the discipleship of children not merely the awarding of badges.