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Where can I find ideas for projects?

  • There are plenty of project suggestions in the project sheet provided in the passport section of the website.
  • Chat with other groups in your corps/church to see how you might partner together on a project.

Where do I get all the resources needed for the lessons?

  • There are a variety of resources that are suggested in the ‘What will you need’ section of the lesson. You may want to check this list in your planning so that if there is something specific that you might need or have to order, you will have time to do that.
  • Again, with planning ahead, it might be that other programmes in the corps (home league, craft group, men’s ministries etc.) can help source/make resources you will need for lessons. They may be happy to be called on to help.

Where do the children go for discipleship after they’ve completed Junior Soldiers?

  • Discipleship is an important area of our church community life, and we need to have something available and in place for our young people when they are ready to transition from Junior Soldiers.
  • Tribe is the natural progression for Junior Soldiers as they transition into secondary school.
  • Transition the Junior Soldier into the youth activities you provide at your corps.

Where do I get passports from?

  • When you have a child ready to be enrolled as a Junior Soldier, you will need to fill in the Junior Soldier order form available on the Children’s Ministries section of the Territorial website (under Junior Soldiers).
  • Once a child has finished their passport, regardless of their level, the passport needs to be sent into their divisional children’s secretary at their DHQ for processing. They will receive a certificate of completion, award badge and letter of congratulation.

Where do I get help if I need it?

  • The website provides plenty of information but if you would like some more support or have questions that are not answered there, contact your divisional children’s secretary.

Where do I get lessons from?

  • All the lessons are provided on the website as 12 units of 10 lessons each.

Where do I need to send my crest award?

  • When you have a Junior Soldier who has finished their crest passport the process is the same as all the other passports. Send the completed passport to your divisional children’s secretary and they will process it.
  • The crest passport does have another step, where it is sent to THQ for signing by the territorial commander, so if you are needing it for a particular date it is important to send it in early so there is plenty of time to get it back to you.