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Who can become a Junior Soldier?

  • To be enrolled as a Junior Soldier you need to want to be a follower of Jesus, agree with the Junior Soldier promise and—together with God—work at keeping that promise. However, the lesson material is targeted at 7–12 year olds and the passports are targeted at 7–14 year olds. Just because this is where the material is aimed at does not mean that children outside of those ages cannot or should not be encouraged to be involved.

Who can help with Junior Soldiers?

  • Those who want to help and support the Junior Soldier programme need to be fully checked and trained within the appropriate safety management framework. Within The Salvation Army New Zealand Territory that means any person who is working with children needs to have completed a Police check. They must also become accredited after completing Safe to Serve training). Any person who wishes to be a Junior Soldiers leader needs to be a Soldier; however if they are not a Soldier they are still able to be a helper.

Who can attend and participate in a Junior Soldier lesson? (Do they have to be an enrolled JS?)

  • The lessons may be run in a number of different contexts that fit in your space, e.g. kids clubs, kids church, segments in meetings etc.
  • Anyone can participate in the lesson even if they are not an enrolled Junior Soldier. However it is the intention that everyone who attends is an enrolled Junior Soldier.
  • In regards to the Passports, anyone can be involved but they will not be awarded the badge and certificate unless they are an enrolled Junior Soldier.

Who do I send the completed passport to? Why?

  • When your Junior Soldier has finished their passport of any level, the passport needs to be forwarded to the children’s secretary within your division. Once DHQ receives the finished passport, they are processed, signed off and a letter, certificate and award badge are sent back to the corps.

Who needs to sign the award passport when they are finished?

  • The award passport, when completed, needs to be signed by the Junior Soldier leader before it is sent to the divisional children’s secretary. It is then signed off by the divisional children’s secretary and a certificate, award badge and letter are sent back to the corps.